Adsense. Which countries pay best?

I guess this is a tricky question to answer because only right answer is “it depends”. It depends on your niche, it depends on the language your content is write in, etc. etc.

That being said what I can answer is; for an architectural website with content in Spanish, English and French, which country pays the most using Adsense? This is just a very specific example, but it’s the only true data I can provide to even try to get close to the generic question that titles this post.

So here is the ranking by CPC:

  • United States – 0,59€
  • Austraila – 0,53€
  • Canada – 0,48€
  • Switzerland – 0,37€
  • United Kingdom – 0,35€

Slightly different if sorted by RPM:

  • Australia – 4,54€
  • United States – 3,44€
  • Canada – 2,96€
  • Switzerland – 2,51€
  • United Kingdom – 2,03€

This data is for November 2013

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