I founded archcase in 2013 taking the role of CEO, design and marketing. I’ve currently left design to people who are definitely more talented than me and I’m focusing mainly on establishing relationships with architecture schools and media as well as developing new features.



I co-founded Rivalation in 2011. I took on a very active and central role, taking care of design, competition´s and relationships development and team management. The project didn’t take off due to the lack of industry connections and funding.



I co-founded ARCHmedium in November 2009 and sold my part of the company in 2013. Over my 4 years as the company’s CEO we organized 14 international architecture competitions for students with 25K particpants from over 80 countries, expanded into professional competitions and organized several talks and events.



I started WikiArquitectura in 2007 during my second year in architecture school. My role in the project is still active, taking care of web maintenance and updates as well as some content creation and business development.