If you study math 2+2 are probably (and I say probably) going to be 4 no matter where you study. However, if you are into a more creative field, like architecture, what’s “wrong” in one place might not be so “wrong” in another. Each country, each culture and even each school has its own style and therefore it’s important to choose carefully were you want to study.

I learned this the hard way, after 4 years of architecture school in Barcelona, were let’s just say my style didn’t quite fit, I went to Berkeley to find out that not only the kind of architecture that I liked wasn’t wrong but that there were people over there who could help me learn more about it and improve my skills.

When you go to school you basically have your class to compare yourself and your work with. ARCHmedium was born to change that, to offer students the chance to take their designs to an international level and see how other students from different schools and countries approached the same brief and learn from each other.

And of course some cash prizes and magazine publications at the end are also a good motivation!