During the spring of 2009 a severe storm with strong wind that exceeded 170 km per hour hit the shores of Catalonia with particular strength at Sant Boi de Llobregat, a town near Barcelona, leaving behind four dead and numerous damages.

This storm was also responsible for a lot less tragic damage that originated the Mondrian Fence project. The dividing fence that separated two villas in the town of Sitges overturned completely breaking the metal structure and making it impossible to repair, it had to be rebuilt from scratch.

From the beginning the clients showed their intentions to replace the old fence, consisting of a metal mesh and a layer of heather fence, for a new design with finest materials that would give the garden area a warmer character. The outsides of the house had already began to be remodeled during the previous year, with the planting of new medium-size palm trees, replacement of flooring, etc.