Why can’t big brands figure out responsive layouts? (the Twitter case)

I wonder why big brands can’t seem to figure out responsive web layouts. I’m sure there must be a reason, since they definitely have the talent and resources, but what it is absolutely loses me…

What made me decide to finally write this post was the new Twitter profile layout. I just opted in to the new layout, it looks great, definitely an improvement. But why not make it responsive? In this particular case it’s not like there are tons of information to accommodate, nor is the site’s structure to complex…

They’ve actually have thrown some responsive in there, when you take your screen under 1220px columns start to narrow, and under 1055px the right column’s content even moves below the left column, but that’s it, at 1010px you even start losing the “edit profile” buttons, when there is actually plenty of space for it! At 775px you start losing your tweets and below that… you don’t want to go below that! :S

I know Twitter, and other websites who don’t seem to be able to figure out responsive layout completely, have plenty of aps for iPads, iPhones and every conceivable device, but still, was it that hard to make my profile look presentable when I divide my screen between two websties?

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