For different reasons that are not important right now I’ve had two or three talks lately about how I would ideally raise a kid if I had to.

I come from a traditional education, but still I’ve been to seven different schools, which have given me a good idea of what’s out there. Private schools, public schools, religious schools, English schools (living in Spain)… Before you ask, I wasn’t kicked out of any of them!

My parents weren’t never too strict about school either, they would often make me miss one or two weeks of class to travel, never forced me to do my homework and always let me chose which school I wanted to go to (there you have your reason why I went to so many).

School didn’t make me unhappy, but most of the times it was definitely not something I looked forward too, all the contrary, I was always anxious to get out so that I could do the things I wanted to do, which of course changed often, from perfecting my tennis skills to tearing apart electronic equipment or building RC cars among many other things, the things I learned during that time I will never forget.

After watching Logan LaPlante’s talk I know I didn’t hack my schooling, but I definitely hacked my after class time, he has the opportunity to hack his days from beginning to end… lucky boy! (I’m not complaining).