iTunes is a pretty nice software if you ask me. Sure the last couple of versions have taken a few steps back in terms of design and usability, but overall it allows me to keep all my music (and I do have some good 7000 songs) organized, categorized, searchable and sync between my devices.

However I feel like there is something missing, nothing too complicated, just a “free tag” field.

iTunes already uses tags, or categories, or however you want to call them, but they are predetermined by the program. For each song you can use tags such as “artist”, “album” or “genre”.

Music though is much more than an artist with a certain style recording an album. At least for me music is the soundtrack to my life. Each moment, each party, each journey I make, person I know or even season in the year can be associated with a different soundtrack, and listening to those soundtracks allows me to travel back to that place or time when I first heard that song or when I shared it with someone I care of.

It would be great if iTunes allowed you to simply tag song with whatever you wanted, thing like “new year’s eve 2009”, “summer in India”, “grandma” or whatever phrase you wanted to tag it with and that will allow you to search those song and listen to them whenever you want to remember those occasions.

Sure you could build a playlist for each occasion, person you know, journey you take and season of the year, but that wouldn’t end up not being very useful when you start having hundreds if not thousands of playlists…