I built NYCLaserCut from top to bottom in early 2011. I took care of building the website, branding, coming up with the pricing scheme and putting it out there for people to find.

I also helped many clients modify their designs in order to make them into things that could actually be done with laser, and since many were located outside New Yor city I run their files on our machine myself and then ship the final results to them.

Even though it was successful on its own NYCLaserCut never stop being a side project, so when magnetiKmania was shut down in late 2012 it was time for NYCLaserCut to move on too. Fortunately 3D NYC Lab, another NY based company that specialized in 3D printing decided to buy NYCLaserCut in order to expand their catalog of services and entrepreneurs in NYC can still take advantage of flexible and affordable laser cutting.