WikiArquitectura’s goal is to make an architecture student’s life a little bit easier. Architecture is known for being one the most time demanding degrees out there. It might not be the hardest, but sleepless nights are for sure a very common thing.

Architecture like many other subjects is a lot about research, looking up what others have done in the past and learning from successful examples. This usually means many hours in the library just to find the right books to pull out a 2 pages summary with the key points for that house or building you’ve been assigned, photos and floor plans, and since buildings are expensive a good case study won’t change for many years.

A standard WikiArquitectura article tries to offer that research already done for some of the most representative buildings. These articles are not full studies of the project (a whole book could be written about any building) but just a quick snapshot presented in the way an architecture student is asked to think about a building, with sections such as “concept”, “structure”, “materials”, etc.

All WikiArquitectura articles are put together or supervised by professional architects, engineers and art experts. Many articles are also backed up by the architects themselves to ensure that we offer the best information on the web.