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I’m a doer. I like to build things, to try things.

These are some of the projects I’ve been involved in over time. Some serious, some just for fun, but all of them add up to where I’m at today :)

Wise Creative Agency is currently the umbrella all my digital projects fall under.

Having outside clients only helps me have a broader, richer overview of the digital ecosystem, and forces me to stay at the top of my game.

Architecture online

At one point I wanted to be an architect, until I discovered the potential of the World Wide Web.
Some of my dearest projects have come out of merging these two passions of mine.

I launched WikiArquitectura in 2007 and have been growing it, on and off, ever since.

Even though I never graduated as an architect, I have a deep interest in architecture, and WikiArquitectura allows me to travel extensively and explore that passion.

When I co-founded ARCHmedium in 2009 it was the first independent platform organizing architecture competitions for students.

I sold my part of the company in 2013, and left having organized 14 international competitions involving thousands of students and dozens of schools.

The company finally shut down in 2019.

arkitekturo aimed to disrupt architecture competitions for students in 2021 just like ARCHmedium had done in 2009. arkitekturo competitions were a full blown educational experience, including lectures, debates and more. Pricing per country was also introduced to make the events more inclusive.

After organizing two competitions that brought together over 2K students from 85 different countries, I realized running these events was a full time job that did not align with my goals at the time. I do not rule out picking it up again at some point!

Archcase allowed architecture students and professionals to share their work, follow their favorite accounts and interact with each other.

The premium version of the platform also allowed users to build their own portfolio website, fully branded and under their own domain, from the archcase platforms and without any coding.

Weekend Projects

These are some random projects I built just to get an idea off my head and be able to move on to something else.

We ask ourselves how long things take all the time.

This project aimed to use some AI to create a site that answered those questions straight to the point and see if those pages would rank, without all the fluff that historically had been always required for “good” SEO.

I’ve always found that people have a hard time putting large numbers in context. Are 5 tons a lot? What does a ton even look like? And a Mega Byte? What kind of space would be needed to fit 200 people? What about 50,000?

This project wanted to offer a visual representation for any given number to help people put them in context.

In 2016 I was dinning out a lot, but found myself always going back to the same restaurants. So I thought: wouldn’t it be cook if there was a site that, given some criteria, would make a reservation for you and only reveal the restaurant a few hours before?

I built the entire thing, but never launched it, because building a website is one thing, running a business is another!

In 2013 I was starting to invest in the stock market, and I was also learning how to work with APIs.

So I took the Yahoo finance API to build my own site to track stocks and analyze my portfolio’s performance.

COVID-19 pandemic projects

With mandatory lockdown and most of our agency clients on pause, the COVID-19 pandemic was the perfect time to work on some ideas. These are some of the projects that came out of those lockdown months

My wife (girlfriend at the time) was running a lot of influencer campaigns for brands at the time. was a tool I built to track and analyze IG profiles to better assess if they would be a good account to collaborate with.

When we started scraping 15K profiles per day I started running into some problems. As it turns out, IG doesn’t like tools scraping their users, and I didn’t have the energy to look for new workarounds to their new blocks every other day.

During a time when all the news pointed towards the apocalypse, my wife and I decided to stay positive by launching a fun and joy full line of fanny packs.

Because, why not!

We had a lot of fun creating the brand, the website, products and organizing some photoshoots when restrictions permitted.

The COVID-19 lockdown was very strict where I live, and after 3 months of only leaving our apartment for no longer than 2 hours per week, my wife and I were tired of so much screen time.

So we went online, ordered some tools and materials and decided to renovate our kitchen.

Real world builds

Even though I never graduated from architecture school, I love designing, and I enjoy construction, so whenever I get the chance to build something in real life I jump right into it!

In early 2022 my wife and I decided to buy an 11-acre rural land outside of Barcelona.

This is a huge challenge in ways so different from what we are used to. Our goal is to have a small boutique production of olive oil, seasoning herbs, and a few other products. But before we get there we need to recover a land that had been abandoned for 20 years and create the necessary infrastructure.

This one is certainly going to be a long one! :)

When I bought this shop it was a bar. However, a new legislation made it impossible to renew that license, so I tore everything down and turned it into a simple open space before putting it up for rent.

The space has been rented ever since, providing a great ROI.

This little shop was my first-ever real estate investment. It had been years since I dropped out of architecture school when I bought it, but the architect in me still couldn’t resist working on a renovation project, so I designed it and executed it before renting it out.

The space is now rented and has been a nice source of passive income for years.

In 2009 a storm knocked down a fence at my parents’ house. Being in the middle of architecture school I saw an opportunity to not just fix it, but make something more out of it.

Heavily inspired by Mondrian’s paintings, the new fence became a colorful mural for the garden.

Back in 2004 I was one year away from joining architecture school. My parents decided to remodel the fence and entry door of their home. They hired an architect and he made some plans.

I immediately started copying them, tracing them over… until I decided to create my own design. My parents saw it, loved it, and decided to build my version instead.

I’ll never be able to thank them enough for their unconditional support!

New York projects

The years I spent living in NY between 2010 and 2013 were truly inspiring. Ideas rose up every week, and it was hard to choose which ones to focus on. These are some of the ones I pursued.



NYC Laser Cut




Other projects


Web con Patatas



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