I just watched “The secret of my success” after Amit Kleinberger (menchie’s CEO) recommended it as one of his main motivators to start his company and I just wanted to point something out that might not be all that obvious, although the movie is very straightforward.

So basically a guy from Kansas moves to NY to make his dream come true, work hard, get reach, marry a pretty woman and live on a penthouse. He is determinate to get there on his own with very little help, and surprise surprise, he ends up making it.


Well, I guess the movie’s moral would be something like, if you work hard and have the right attitude opportunities will come your way and you’ll be able to prove how much you’re worth and eventually succeed at anything you want.

That’s cool, and I do relate to that moral, but there is something else in that movie that I believe is seen in many successful people (and I not saying entrepreneurs, but people) and that is the kid did plenty of stuff, hard work, that nobody asked him to do.

So next time you think “if only someone gave me an opportunity…” shut up and get to work! You don’t need anyone to give you permission to get started!