I’ve been reading “The 4 hour work week” by Timothy Ferris this past couple of days and I have to admit I’m liking it. I was first recommended to read this book back in 2009, but I had my doubts it was the book for me since I actually enjoy working, at least for the time being.

Anyways after two more people recommended it I decided to give it a try and so far it’s proving to be a great read. It’s true I wouldn’t wont to work only 4 hours a week right now, but I do have to admit I’m quite an impatient person and I always have too many ideas going on in my mind that I find hard to prioritize, so I figured if I could take care of my current business in four hours per week (or at least less than it takes me right now) I could use the rest of my time to pursue some of those other ideas.

Most of the things Timothy recommends in the book (at least to the point where I’ve gotten) are easier said than done, or at least they aren’t anything most people won’t already know, like don’t waste time in useless conversations or stay away from the internet when trying to write a paper, sure that will help.

The chapter I was reading today however actually suggested something that can be done, it’s not a matter of self-discipline but something that you only have to decide once, and this is getting a Virtual Assistant. A Virtual Assistant (VA) is basically the same as a Personal Assistant (PA) with the only difference he or she works remotely. The way Ferris puts it if you can pay somebody $5 an hour to do part of your work (the parts that don’t really require your know how) and you get paid $20/hour you are basically saving $15 an hour.

This idea sounded promising, even if it costs me $20/hour, if I can have somebody working while I sleep I could get so much more done in way less time than it takes me right now.

I have always had my doubts about outsourcing to countries like India, China or the Philippines, it’s just that most of the times our quality standards, what’s acceptable and what isn’t, are just worlds apart, but Ferris recommends a couple of companies (not individuals) that specialize in these kind of services, according to him they are diligent, professional and speak excellent English.

I’m seriously thinking in giving this a try…