My name is Guillermo Carone.

I am full-stack web developer and serial internet entrepreneur.

I enjoy imagining, designing and building new websites.

Sometimes I also like getting my hands dirty in the real world.

But above all, I love the challenge of starting something new.

What’s currently on my plate

I enjoy working on several projects at a time. Some of them I only invest a few months on, other a few years, others come and go… but if you ask me today, these are the ones I’m currently invested in.

At Wise Creative Agency, we help brands launch and grow through design, development, SEO and marketing,

My current interest lies in taking what we’ve learned working with our clients during these years to create products that can make our services more affordable.

Launched in 2007 and with over 2 million page views per month, WikiArchitecture is one of my oldest projects, and one of the few that has followed me over the years.

Lately I’ve been looking at WikiArchitecture with renewed energies. I’m currently exploring ways to take it to the next level, in terms of authority, traffics and revenue optimization.

My wife and I are currently building a tiny house on a 11 acre land, 45 minutes outside of Barcelona, by ourselves!

I’ve always been good at DIY, but this project has pushed me to learn so many new skills. Having the relationship I have with architecture, I’m having a great time! Plus it’s time away from the screen, which is always nice :)

Being a digital entrepreneur, I’ve been well aware of SEO for a long time. However, I’ve recently decided to shift my focus more towards this side of the online ecosystem.

I’m currently not only learning more about SEO, but also running my own experiments and drawing my own conclusions on this matter.

On a different note, I’m also training towards my second 10K of the year, which I’ll run on May 21st in Barcelona 🏃

How did I get here?

Definitely not following a straight line!

I guess it all started at the Architecture school in Barcelona.

Things started to get really interesting during a semester abroad in Berkeley, California.

I soon after started my first company and moved to NY, where I studied Digital Marketing at NYU and Graphic Design at Shillington College.

Eventually I sold that company and lived between London and Barcelona for a year. Did some digital nomading across south-east Asia for a while after that.

I’m currently based in Barcelona, although traveling still takes me to other parts of the world, usually for at least a couple of months a year.