A few weeks ago I wrote about LoveHomeSwap, a webstie/service I signed up in order to swap homes with people around the world when traveling instead of going to hotels.

Well, this past weekend I completed my first swap and everything went amazingly well. It wasn’t a regular swap were someone came to my home and I went to theirs, instead a couple from Iceland came to my home while I was in London and for that I earned points that I can now spend in staying at someone else’s home while they are away like I was.

The couple in their mid-fifties from Iceland who stayed in my apartment were wonderful guests. When I showed them in the day they arrived they took their shoes off before entering the apartment without me telling them to do so (I didn’t do so myself) and they asked if it was ok to invite a family friend over for dinner next day. I told them it was definitely ok and offered them a good bottle of white wine to share with their friend.

When I came back from London they were already gone and I found the apartment just as I left it, everything was organized just like I left it, everything was clean, and they even left some flowers, a DVD about the northern lights which they told me were something I should definitely see if I ever visit their country and a thank you note.

What else could one ask for?

Now I’m looking to complete the second part of the experience and spend my points staying at someone else’s home next time I travel, I’ll let you know how that works out! ;)