What’s wrong with WordPress themes these days

I love WordPress themes, really, I do, even when they were just a couple colors and fonts changes here and there they already had great potential, allowing people with very little design knowledge to easily brand a website built on WP which will also make it easily updatable. Themes kept evolving though, and quickly they […]

The issue with on-line ratings

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, but it’s only been while traveling and actually relying on on-line reviews a lot that I finally got myself to it. On-line ratings are a very powerful tool. A few good reviews can really make a business flourish, the same way a couple of […]

Does “invite only” model really work? It does (at least for dribble)

As you may or may not know dribble started as and it’s still an invite only platform. Anyone can create a free account, and even upgrade to their premium plan, but in order to be able to publish you work you need to be invited by an already existing member. Many websites and services start […]

This addon actually turns Dropbox into a useful back up service

Dropbox is a great service. I’ve been using it for a few years (as a free user with 16GB of space after sending quite a lot of invites) and I’m really happy with it, but let’s face it, Dropbox is a sharing tool, not a backup tool. I’ve been wanting to have a good, regularly […]

The secret of my success’s moral

I just watched “The secret of my success” after Amit Kleinberger (menchie’s CEO) recommended it as one of his main motivators to start his company and I just wanted to point something out that might not be all that obvious, although the movie is very straightforward. So basically a guy from Kansas moves to NY […]

The parallel universe of CRMs

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to set up a sales team. I wanted everything to be a pre-thought as possible to avoid having to make any decisions on the go and keep everything organized. Got the data base to work with, interviewed the sales people, created email content, sales guides, graphic […]

¿A donde emigran los arquitectos catalanes?

Fruto de la difícil situación que está viviendo el mundo de la construcción en Catalunya son muchos los arquitectos que se ven obligados a emigrar a otros países en busca de mejores oportunidades laborales. Pero ¿A dónde emigran los arquitectos catalanes? Recientemente he estado trabajando en un proyecto que de forma involuntaria me ha llevado […]

LoveHomeSwap. First points swap went extremely well

A few weeks ago I wrote about LoveHomeSwap, a webstie/service I signed up in order to swap homes with people around the world when traveling instead of going to hotels. Well, this past weekend I completed my first swap and everything went amazingly well. It wasn’t a regular swap were someone came to my home […]

One month into curated blogging

Every day I see plenty of blogs all publishing the same stuff, mostly press releases, and I couldn’t help to wonder… is it worth it? I mean, is it possible that ten different websites publish the same exact thing and all ten of them are getting enough traffic to generate any decent revenue through advertising? […]

Why can’t big brands figure out responsive layouts? (the Twitter case)

I wonder why big brands can’t seem to figure out responsive web layouts. I’m sure there must be a reason, since they definitely have the talent and resources, but what it is absolutely loses me… What made me decide to finally write this post was the new Twitter profile layout. I just opted in to […]

Advisors: How to tell who is your advisor and who isn’t

Advisors are important, not only for startups, but for life. We simply cannot know everything about anything, so at some point, if we want to make wise decisions in areas outside our expertise, we are going to need someone to give us advice. Who we chose as our advisors is key, as our decisions will […]

One month into home swapping

A few months ago I came up with the idea of taking half a year off to travel with my girlfriend. I have recently sold my company and she is about to finish school, so it seemed like the perfect time to plan something like this. We started discussing possible destinations, length of our stay […]

My theory on Google Adsense pay model

If you are familiar with Google Adsense you’ll probably agree it’s one of the best options to monetize your web unless you want to go into selling ads yourself. At least that’s what I’ve been told and I do agree so far. But still, the way Google Adsense pays you is mysterious… they pay you […]

My contribution to architecture competitions – ARCHmedium

Today I put an end to one my biggest entrepreneurial adventures to date, ARCHmedium. It was September 2009 when I came up with the idea for a platform that would organize architecture competitions for students only, two months later we launched our first competition, and today, four and half years later, I’m moving on, hopping […]

The real impact of AdBlock (in my experience)

Ever since AdBlock was released in 2010 more and more internet users have started using it virtually blocking all internet ads. These people claim ads that were shown to them were intrusive, annoying, even scary sometimes when the ads literally could read their minds and showed them offers on that new camera they wanted to buy […]

Hacking your learning (inspired by Logan LaPlante’s TED talk)

For different reasons that are not important right now I’ve had two or three talks lately about how I would ideally raise a kid if I had to. I come from a traditional education, but still I’ve been to seven different schools, which have given me a good idea of what’s out there. Private schools, […]

Per Linde at ComboCompetitions.com should learn how to copy!

Many architecture students (including myself) find it a little disappointing when they go into architecture school just to find out that at least most of first year is about copying rather than creating; you have to copy what you see and copy what other great architects have done before you. I use to hate this, […]

One thing iTunes is missing: Tags

iTunes is a pretty nice software if you ask me. Sure the last couple of versions have taken a few steps back in terms of design and usability, but overall it allows me to keep all my music (and I do have some good 7000 songs) organized, categorized, searchable and sync between my devices. However […]

Why cloning a website is not necessarily bad

I won’t say a lot of people do, but definitely some people come to me from time to time saying they would like to start an internet business. They come looking for advice, most of them without an idea of what it is that they want to do, they only know they want to start […]

The cost of having a company in Spain

So you want to settle or start your company is Spain. Like in any other place there are a series of cost for running a company. Here I will roughly go through the cost of having and S.L, one of the most typical companies that can be formed (similar to the American LLC). There are […]

First week with a Virtual Assistant. He got it wrong, twice.

I finally decided to give the VA services Timothy Ferris describes in his book “The 4 hour work week” a try (see previous post). I contacted YMII who then forwarded me to GetFridady, apparently a sister company that specializes in providing VAs to foreigners (not Indians). It too us a full week of backs and […]

Adsense. Which countries pay best?

I guess this is a tricky question to answer because only right answer is “it depends”. It depends on your niche, it depends on the language your content is write in, etc. etc. That being said what I can answer is; for an architectural website with content in Spanish, English and French, which country pays […]

Thinking in hiring a VA because of “The 4 hour work week”

I’ve been reading “The 4 hour work week” by Timothy Ferris this past couple of days and I have to admit I’m liking it. I was first recommended to read this book back in 2009, but I had my doubts it was the book for me since I actually enjoy working, at least for the […]

Perfect Audience and their VTC

I’ve been running a few campaigns on Perfect Audience for the past couple of weeks. The value proposition they offer is definitely very tempting (see my previous post for a more detailed explanation), however I’m a little concerned with their metrics. Every day they send me a report with the performance of all my campaigns […]

Perfect Audience. Retargeting Facebook ads

I just came across Perfect Audience, a company that offers retargeted ads on Facebook. So basically what they do is after you insert a few lines of code into your website they start  placing cookies on the computers of anyone who visits your site, then when this people log in to their Facebook they will […]

5 Steps to setting up a secure WordPress installation

A few days ago I woke up and found one of my websites down. Not being very technical I tried everything I knew; does the site responds to ping? Yes. Do other websites in the same server work? No. Reset the server, did it work? No… So I contacted my hosting company to see if […]